Monday, 19 November 2012

Level 1 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 2c: I will

·        Practice saying what I want to write, before I write it.

·        Make the beginning of my writing interesting so that the reader wants to read more.

·        Make sure others can read my writing without me.

·        Include more than one idea and more than one character in my writing.

·        Write about three or more sentences about each idea in my writing.

·        Stretch the sounds in the words I need to write so that I can spell it correctly.

·        Remember to use capital and full stops in most of the sentences in my writing.

·        Write the personal pronoun ‘I’ with a capital letter.

·        Use my spelling list to check any words I am unsure of.

·        Learn my spelling patterns so that I can write words I am not sure of correctly.

·        Check that I have not used capital letters in the middle of sentences.

·        Check that I have left spaces between the words in my sentences.

·        Begin to join my simple sentences together using connectives like ‘and’, ‘but’ ‘then’.

·        Use simple descriptive language to say more about nouns or verbs e.g. adjectives and adverbs e.g. It is a rainy day. Alex ran fast.

·        Write simple instructions that others can understand and follow.

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