Friday, 16 November 2012

Level 2 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 3c: I will

·        Adapt my writing to the needs of the intended audience.

·        Practise saying what I want to write, ahead of writing it.

·        Use a beginning, middle and an ending to structure my stories.

·        Set out other types of writing using their correct features.

·        Try to use some different words that I have not used before in my writing.

·        Describe characters and settings so the reader can get into the story.

·        Include enough detail about each event in the story before moving on to another.

·        I will not include more than three main events.

·        Try to make sure I do not use the same words all the time e.g. I will use different words for ‘said’ and ‘went’.

·        Include a satisfying ending or conclusion to my writing and not leave it hanging.

·        Use all the words I have leant to spell in my writing.

·        I will use a dictionary and thesaurus to help me get and spell interesting words. 

·        Join my letters and make my handwriting very legible.

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