Saturday, 17 November 2012

Level 2 descriptors

Level 2b

In my writing:

·        I can structure my writing in a sequence.

·        I include enough detail to engage the reader.

·        I can use interesting vocabulary for effect including noun phrases e.g. the red hat; Mr Tom’s car.

·        I can use a combination of simple and compound sentences throughout my writing.

·        I can capital letters and full stops to punctuate most sentences correctly in my writing.

·        I can use question marks and exclamation marks correctly when needed.

·        I can use phonetics to attempt to spell most words.

·        I remember to use visual patterns and letter strings when spelling others that I cannot use phonics for.

·        I do not mix capital letters and small letters in any of my sentences.

·        My handwriting is clear and legible with flicks.

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