Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Level 3 descriptors

Level 3a

In my writing:

·        Events are well paced, organised and clear to maintain the reader’s interest.

·        I use my imagination fully to make my writing interesting and engaging for the reader.   

·        I can use first, second and third person consistently and not switch between persons.

·        I use correct verb tenses in the writing.

·        I use correct grammar form:  person/ verb agreement,  verb/ noun agreement, noun,/ pronoun and verb agreement, tense and subject agreement.

·        I use expanded noun phrases to add details for the reader.

·        I can use connectives ‘when’ ‘because’ ‘until’ ‘before’ ‘unless’ after’ ‘if’ to compose complex sentences.

·        I can use these use punctuation marks – ‘ . ? “” ; : - () -- ...  in my writing.

·        I use a variety of sentence types: simple, compound and complex in my writing.

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