Friday, 9 November 2012

Level 5 descriptors

Level 5a

In my writing:

·        I can vary the length and structure of my paragraphs, showing connections between ideas in a variety of ways.

·        I can use imagination to present different types of writing genre in sophisticated ways.

·        I can Use a range of ways to present my writing e.g. introduction and context, contents, tables, captions, headings, subheadings, diagrams and labels, footnote, bibliography

·        In my story writing, character motives unfold as the story develops.

·        The reader is left guessing about what happens next because the revelation of the plot is managed well.

·        Vocabulary is chosen purposely for effect and to sustain reader interest; I sometimes change the order of words for emphasise.

·        My use of complex sentences is secure and I consistently manipulate clauses to achieve different effects.

·        I consistently control use of the full range of complex punctuation marks including parenthesis.

·        My writing is very exciting to read.

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