Sunday, 18 November 2012

Level 2 descriptors

Level 2c

In my writing:

·        I use more than one sentence to communicate my idea.

·        I can attempt to use story form in my narration.

·        I can attempt to recount events in the right order.

·        I know I am writing for an audience and write with this in mind.

·        My ideas are developed in short sections.

·        I choose and use appropriate words to the topic, sometimes with good effect.

·        My sentences are structured like speech.

·        I repeat pronouns and simple verbs too much.

·        I sometimes join my simple sentences with the connectives ‘and’ and ‘then’.

·        I can use capital and full stops to punctuate more than one sentence in my writing.

·        I can spell more common words from the first 200 most common words.

·        I make phonetic attempts at spelling words I do not know.

·        I form my letters correctly, sometimes with a flick.

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