Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Level 1 descriptors

level 1 b

In my writing:

·        Others can understand most of what I have written.

·        I can structure simple sentences to use in my writing.

·        Most of my writing is made up of simple sentences.

·        I can use finger spaces to separate words in my writing.

·        I know I must use full stops to end my sentences but I don’t always put them in the right places.

·        My writing shows why I am writing or the topic I am writing about.

·        I can use story language to structure my story.

·        I can spell all 45 most common words for Reception Year correctly.

·        I can spell all cvc and cvcc words correctly and make a good attempt at longer words.

·        I spell most of my words using my phonetic knowledge.

·        I can form most of my letters correctly.

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