Saturday, 17 November 2012

Level 2 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 2a: I will

·        Make my writing interesting so others will want to read it.

·        Make sure I know how to set out different types of writing.

·        Practice saying what I want to write, before I write it.

·        Make my descriptions clear so that others will see what I mean. I will use words to paint my ideas.

·        Link ideas clearly so the reader does not get confused.

·        Spell words with digraphs e.g. Wh, ch, th, ph

·        Spell long vowel phonemes (split diagraphs) correctly.

·        Spell comparative nouns e.g. long. Longer. longest

·        Spell all High Frequency Words from the Key Stage 1 list - the first 200 most common words.

·        Use question marks for question words (Who, What, Where, When, How, Which).

·        Use speech marks for dialogue.

·        Use other common forms of capitalisation e.g. titles (Mr, Mrs) headings.

·        I will use more interesting and powerful words to make my writing more interesting.

·        I will borrow words from books that I have read or from other places like the television and people speaking to use in my writing.

·        Write simple and compound sentences throughout my writing.

·        Begin to join my handwriting so that it is more legible.

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