Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Level 1 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 1b: I will

ü Practice saying what I want to write, before I write it.

ü Try to write out my ideas so that others know what I am trying to say or mean.

ü Read back my work as I write to make sure that it makes sense.

ü Use my knowledge of phonics to stretch the sounds in the words I need to write.

ü Write the sounds in the order in which I hear them in the word.

ü Use full stops to end or close my sentences.

ü Make sure my letters are the same size when I form them.

ü Remember which letters sit on the line and which stand on the line.

ü Remember which way letters face.

ü Write from left to right.

ü Use my little finger to separate the words as I write.

ü Write captions and labels for diagrams.

ü Learn how to form and write questions about things I want to find out about.

ü Learn to spell some common words from list 2 (the medium frequency words) correctly.

ü  Learn to spell 2-5 words correctly each week.

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