Saturday, 10 November 2012

Level 5 descriptors

Level 5c

In my writing:

·        I can use paragraphs to plan and organise my ideas.

·        I can use direct and indirect speech to develop my character.

·        I can use a variety of narrative techniques to begin my story e.g. description of setting, action, speech and dialogues.

·        I can use ambitious and imaginative vocabulary to engage the reader throughout the writing.

·        I can support my arguments with relevant details and points.

·        I can adapt my writing to my reader.

·        I can choose to use Standard English, colloquialism or dialect according to how formal my writing is.

·        I can control use of complex sentences in my writing.

·        I can use the full range of punctuation effectively and accurately including parenthesis.

·        I can position clauses purposely within the sentence for effect.

·        I have an individual style of handwriting which engages the reader.

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