Thursday, 22 November 2012

W Levels descriptors

Writing performance descriptors for Kindergarten, Early Years and Reception classes:
Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 1c:

ü Talk about something you have just done.

ü Tell a story to match pictures in a book.

ü Make up a story and use puppets or pictures to tell it to someone.

ü Act out a story with your friends and show this to your class.

ü Use upper and lower case letters to write your name.

ü Write words that you know like names of objects.

ü Copy and complete lots of patterns.

ü Copy writing that you can see in your classroom or at home.

ü Every day, write a list, a message, a story or a letter.

ü I will practice what I want to write before I begin to write it.

ü I will leave spaces between each word I write.

ü I will try to read my writing back to an adult.

ü I will try to make sure that all my letters are formed properly so that other people can read them.

ü I will try to make all my letters the same size.

ü Every day, I will draw different types of lines using pencils, and felt tip pens.

ü Learn to spell some common words from the 45 Reception list correctly; about 2- 5 every week.

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