Monday, 12 November 2012

Level 4 descriptors

Level 4b

In my writing:

·        I can engage the reader through description of moods and feelings in my story.

·        I can develop and extend my ideas in writing in variety of ways e.g. through character dialogue and actions.

·        I can guide the reader by use of shifts in time and place e.g. through use of flashbacks.

·        I can use setting description to create mood in my story writing.

·        My characters interact with each other significantly.

·        I can link paragraphs well.

·        In nonfiction, I can use sections and subsections to organise my writing well.

·        I can maintain my view point throughout the writing.

·        I can use all parts of speech correctly in my sentences.

·        I can use a variety of sentence types consistently and accurately: use a mixture of simple, compound and complex sentences.

·        I can use a wider range of punctuation marks correctly in the writing – ‘ . ? ! “” ; : - () -- ...

·        My spelling of polysyllabic words is faultless.

·        My handwriting is consistent and fluent.

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