Sunday, 18 November 2012

Level 2 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 2b: I will

·        Make sure I have a good idea about who I am writing for.

·        Make sure I know how to set the particular type of writing out, before I begin.

·        Plan my ideas in a sequence that makes sense.

·        Practice saying what I want to write, before I write it.

·        Try to say more about nouns and verbs by using at least one describing word for each.

·        Make my writing more interesting by starting new sentences in a different way each time e.g. Amy went for dinner with her friends last night or Last night Amy went for dinner with her friends.

·        Have a word list close by so that I can find and use words I have not used before in my writing.

·        Use more connectives like ‘because’ and ‘so’ in my writing to make my sentences longer.  

·        Begin to write in the correct tense. Use past tense for what happened earlier and present tense for what is happening now.

·        Use more punctuation marks like question marks and exclamation marks to end my sentences when needed.

·        Make wider use of capital letters in my writing e.g. for the start of people and places’ names.

·        Remember not to mix capital letters and small letters in the sentence.

·        Write ascenders (letters with a neck) and descenders (letters with a tail) correctly all the time.

·        Learn my weekly spelling words lists and use them in my writing.

·        Keep practising letter sounds and spelling patterns on my spelling list to help me spell words I am not sure of.

·        Make my letters more legible and clear and form them with flicks.

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