Friday, 9 November 2012

Level 6 Writing Targets

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 6: I will

ü Use appropriate feature of the type of writing I have to do.

ü Use planning and writing frames, pair and talking partners to plan and structure my writing.

ü Use a range of ways to present my writing e.g. introduction and context, contents, tables, captions, headings, subheadings, diagrams and labels, footnote, bibliography

ü Use imaginative and varied vocabulary.

ü Use punctuation to emphasise or alter meaning. E.g. ‘He closed his eyes ... and jumped!’

ü Carefully choose the order of words to enhance meaning of my writing.

ü To create special effects ‘break the rules’ occasionally.

ü Use a variety of ways to begin a story e.g. action, dialogue, quotation.

ü In story writing, develop a theme as well as a plot.

ü Maintain character point of view by exploring their motives and opinions

ü Use figurative language like metaphor, personification, imagery etc to make the reader think more about the characters and plot.

ü Try to be concise in some of my writing.

ü Use my own personal style in my writing to give me literary voice.



Writing at level 6 evokes emotional as well as intellectual responses from the reader. This is achieved by the use of carefully crafted wide range of stylistic and literary devices which are used effectively to support the reader throughout the text. A wide range of information is included; paragraphs which vary in length and structure have clear focus. Imaginative vocabulary is selected for shades of meanings and impact.

Length and structure of complex sentences are adapted to suit text type, audience and purpose.

 A level 6 writer is a skilled writer.

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