Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Level 3 descriptors

Here are some targets to help you move onto to level 4: I will

·        Use appropriate feature of the type of writing I have to do.

·        Use planning and writing frames, pair and talking partners to plan and structure my writing.

·        Use a range of ways to present my writing e.g. tables, captions, headings, subheadings, diagrams and labels, speech and thought bubbles, enlarged, bold or italicised text.

·        Practice saying what I want to write, ahead of writing it.

·        Think about the audience when I choose my words and my style.

·        Use adventurous vocabulary for effect.

·        In story writing, use a range of beginnings to establish the time, place and setting e.g. begin with dialogue, action or flashback; use a range of endings e.g. cliff hanger, ellipses etc.

·        Ensure agreement of singular with singular, and plural with plural.

·        Use agreement between noun and verbs

·        Ensure consistency of tense and subject

·        Avoid double negatives.

·        Avoid non- standard dialect words in formal writing.

·        Learn when to use these punctuation marks – ‘ . ?! “” ; : - () -- ...

·        Reread my writing to make sure that I have used the punctuation marks correctly.

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