Monday, 19 November 2012

Level 1 descriptors

level 1a

In my writing:

·        Others can understand my writing without me reading it for them.

·        I write simple sentences only.

·        My writing consists of repeated simple sentences.

·        My writing is more like spoken language than written language.

·        I write for myself and do not show awareness of the reader.

·        I can use only one capital letter and one full stop correctly in my writing.

·        When I write, I stretch out the sounds in each word so that I am able to write them in the order in which they occur in the word.

·        I can spell most common words from the first 100 words list correctly.

·        I am beginning to spell more complex words correctly.

·        I can remember some visual patterns in word spelling e.g. ‘all’ etc and words that sound the same but are spelt differently e.g. ‘it’ and ‘eat’.

·        I can form all my letters correctly.

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